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Text Messaging

Bakit mahilig sa text ang mga Pinoy?  Bakit kaya tinaguraing text Capital of the world ang bansang Pilipinas?  Ang Text messaging o SMS ay isang napakalaking bagay sa mga Pilipino.  Ito ang pangunahing paraan upang magkaroon ng komunikasyon ang bawat isa sa napakamurang halaga lamang kumpara sa phone call at sympre pa, mas naipapadama ng mga texters ang kanilang saloobin sa pamamagitan ng mga letra na hindi nila kayang gawin kung personal na tatawag talaga.  Bukod sa matipid, ang text ay kaagad na nase-save sa sim card kung kaya’t ang mga mahahalagang mensahe ay tumatagal hangga’t hindi binubura ng texter.  Ang text ay malinaw na nakakarating kahit anumang klase ng panahon, kahit mahina ang signal, at kahit huli man dumating ay tyak na maipaparating ang mensahe sa pinapadalhan.  Buokod pa dito, ang iisang text ay pwedeng ipadala sa maraming tao o sa grupo sa napakamurang halaga lamang.

Ang SMS ay ginamit para sa promotional gimmick sa bansa noong taon 1995 ngunit agad na naging popular sa mga Pinoy.  Noong 1998, ang mga Telecom companies sa bansa ay naglunsad ng SMS service kung saan pwedeng magpadala ng mensahe ang mga subscribers ng libre lamang sa alinmang network sa bansa, ang mahalaga, meron kang cellphone, marunong kang magbasa at mag-compose ng mensahe.  Ang serbisyong ito ay naging isang napakalaking bagay sa sambayanan.  Dulot na rin ng kahirapan at sobrang mahal ng presyo ng lokal na tawag ang mga pinoy ay nagsimulang gamitin ang sms para sa araw araw na komunikasyon.  Sa kalaunan, ang mga Pilipino ay hindi na ginagamit ang kanilang mga cellphone sa pagtawag ngunit ito ay kanilang ginagamit sa pag-tetext.  Dahil sa dami ng nagpapalitan ng text sa buong bansa, nagkaroon ng bayad ang pagpapadala ng sms sa napakamurang halaga lamang.  Dahil sa text, ang mga mamamayan ay nakakausap at nakokontak ang kanilang mga kaibigan at mahal sa buhay sa alinmang panig ng bansa sa tulong ng sms.  Ika nga, ang sms ay bahagi na nang buhay Pilipino.

Messages sent per mobile subscriber per month

Messages sent per mobile subscriber per month

Ayon sa ulat, mahigit sa limang milyong pinoy ang nagkaroon ng cellphone noong 2001 at naging uso ang text sa bansa.  Noong 2009, mahigit sa 72 milyong pinoy ang merong celphone at mahigit sa 1.39 bilyong sms ang napapadala araw araw.  Dahil sa dami ng text messages ang ipinapadala araw araw, naging sikat ang Pilipinas bilang Text capital of the world mula 1990 hanggang sa pagpasok ng taong 2000.

Dahil sa pag-uso ng text o sms sa bansa, nagkaroon ng sariling paraan ng pag-tetext ang mga pinoy o ang tinatawag nating pinoy text codes na maiintindihan lamang ng mga kababayan.  Mapa english man o tagalog o bisaya na text ay kayang paliitin ng texter.  Naging uso ang ganitong paraan ng pag tetext upang masasabi lahat ng mensahe sa isang text lamang.  Ito ay upang makatipid sa pag-tetext lalo na at ang ordinaryong cellphone ay meron lamang 160 characters.  Kung kaya, kailangang maiksi ang mga salita, shortcut, at upang mapadali ang pagpadala ng mensahe.  Bukod sa pagtitipid, kailangang paliitin at putulin ang mga salita dahil napakahaba ang mga lokal na salitang pinoy.  Yan ang pinoy texters, napakagaling at mabilis pa sa kisapmata kung magpadala ng text kung kaya’t umabot ng isang bilyon ang mga napapadalang text araw araw sa buong bansa.  Ngunit minsan, nakakaloka at nakakairita dahil sa sobrang iksi ng mga salita ay hindi na kayang intindihin ang ibig sabihin ng ordinaryong mensahe, mas lalo na yong mga taong hindi sanay sa pinoy text ay mababaliw sa pagbabasa.

Pinoy Text Lingo

 Text Message – 3ow, mZtah n?

Tagalog & English (Taglish) – Hello, kumusta na?

English – Hello, how are you?


 Text Message –  wr u?

Tagalog – Nasaan ka?

English – Where are you?


Text Message – d2 mE haus

Tagalog & English (Taglish) – dito ako house

English – I am here in the house


Text Message – gus2 q m2log

Tagalog – Gusto ko matulog

English – I want to sleep

Nokia Text Message

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April 2013 Trivia Time

  1. The exotic Philippine jeepney is a post-war creation inspired by the GI jeeps that the American soldiers brought to the country in the 1940s. Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. They are known for their crowded seating and flamboyant decorations, which have become a ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture and art.

    Known for their crowded seating and flamboyant decorations, which have become an ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture and art.

    Known for their crowded seating and flamboyant decorations, which have become an ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture and art.

  2. Glas isn’t solid, but liquid.
  3. In the Philippines, Filipinos were introduced to the English language in 1762 by British invaders, not Americans.
  4. Chewing on gum while cutting onions can help a person from stop producing tears. Try it next time you chop onions!
  5. The tiny Water Bear (Tardigrade) can survive environments extreme enough to kill any other animal – with temperatures as low as -273°C close to Absolute Zero to as high as 151°C.  Tardigrades (commonly known as water bears or moss piglets) are small, water-dwelling, segmented animals with eight legs. Tardigrade - Water Bear

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Trivia Time March 2013

  1. Avocados have the highest calories of any fruit at 167 calories per hundred grams.

    Fruit with the Highest Calories

    Fruit with the Highest Calories

  2. Dom Perignon is the name of the monk credited with making the discovery of the bubbled wine, now called champagne.
  3. The first birthday celebrations were pagan in nature. It was believed that on a person’s birthday he is susceptible to evil spirits so family and friends would gather around the birthday celebrator to protect him.They would give their happy thoughts and well wishes to ward off the evil spirits.
  4. Sunglasses were invented in China in 1200 to conceal the eyes of judges while sitting in court.
  5. A diamond will not dissolve in acid. The only thing that can destroy it is intense heat.Diamonds


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February 2013 Trivia Time

  1. The vast seas are rich, holding more than 20 million tons of gold. However,  the metal is so dilute that each liter of seawater contains, on average, about 13 billionths of a gram of gold and if we could extract all of it, each person on Earth could have 9 pounds of the shiny stuff.

    20 billion tons of gold in the oceans

    20 billion tons of gold in the oceans

  2. The biggest organism on the planet is fungus. In 1992, scientists reporting in Nature revealed to the world a Armillaria, or honey mushroom, fungal organism that spans 2,200 acres in Oregon.
  3. With all the talks of global warming and rising sea levels, it is the residents of the Maldives that have the greatest reason to fear. With an average height of around 1.8 meters above sea level their nation is the lowest on Earth.
  4. A rhinoceros horn is made of compacted hair.
  5. With 99% of the country covered in desert Libya is one of the most arid places in the world and in some regions decades may go by without a single drop of rain.

    99% of the country is desert land

    99% of the country is desert

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November Trivia


  1. According to historical accounts, the first Christmas in the Philippines was celebrated 200 years before Ferdinand Magellan discovered the country for the western world, likely between the years 1280 and 1320 AD. 
  2. Almonds are a member of the peach family.
  3. Sliced bread was patented by a jeweler.  Otto Rohwedder, in 1928. He had been working on it for 16 years, having started in 1912.
  4. The women of an African tribe make themselves more attractive by permanently scaring their faces.
  5. Silver Arowana are primitive, prehistoric fish. They actually have teeth on their tongue that comprise the bite they have for their food.


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October 2012 Trivia Time

  1. Orange and black are Halloween colors because orange is associated with the Fall harvest and black is associated with darkness and death. 
  2. The most common situation or scenario that people dream is “being chased or attacked”. According to dream experts, when you have this kind of dream, you are undergoing stress. The bad person or monster chasing you symbolizes any of the following : anger, fear, envy, hatred and anxiety.
  3. The father catfish keeps the eggs in his mouth until they are ready to be hatched.
  4. A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top.
  5. Buckingham Palace has over six hundred rooms.


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Trivia Time

  1. Some Eskimos have been known to use refrigerators to keep their food from freezing. 
  2. Even a small amount of alcohol placed on a scorpion will make it go crazy and sting itself to death.
  3. The largest eggs in the world are laid by a shark.
  4. The world’s costliest coffee, at $130 a pound , is called Kopi Luwak. It is in the droppings of a type of marsupial that eats only the very best coffee beans. Plantation workers track them and scoop their precious poop.
  5. Until the nineteenth century, solid blocks of tea were used as money in Siberia! 



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Bakit nga ba mahilig and mga pinoy sa musika, sa karaoke, at sa videoke? Kahit saang sulok ng bansa ka man magpunta halos lahat ay mahilig kumanta. Bata man at matanda, may boses o wala, mahirap o mayaman, sa mall at sa mga bars, me party o wala, ang mahalaga may kantahan, may kasamang inuman, at syempre may masarap na pulutan, umpisa na ang kasiyahan. Sa tutuo lang, mahilig talaga ang mga pinoy sa videoke dahil ang libangang ito ay nakaaliw, pamatid sa pagod, pamatay sa lungkot, magandang pampalipas oras at napakagandang libangan kesa magsugal at magtsismisan. Pag maganda ang boses, sikat ka at maraming tagahanga. Meron ka pang chance na maging singer o artista sa bansa.

Sa mga probinsya, kadalasan din, pag walang magawa ang mga kasambahay, umpisa na ang kantahan at biritan. Mapa araw man o gabi, walang oras ang awitan. Basta naumpisan na, ayun, wala nang urungan, lalo pa at may kasabay na sayawan. Istorbo nga lang sa mga kapitbahay pag inabot ng magdamag ang kasiyahan, lalo na’t medyo nagkakalasingan na. Yan ang pinoy! Talagang mahilig sa musika, kahit walang talent, sige lang hirit ng hirit pa. Pero mas maganda, kung merong alak na kasama. Magandang kumbinasyon ika nga, lalot na kasama ang mga kaibigan at tropa. Bukod sa matipid ang libangang ito, na-eensayo pa ang boses ng bawat isa.

Ang mga kabayan na nagtatrabho sa labas ng bansa ay ganun din. Walang mas magandang libangan kungdi ang kantahan. Mapa birthday man o wala, basta may pagkakataon, walang ibang gagawin kungdi ang videoke kasama ang mga kaibigan. Bukod sa inuman, at kainan, madalas may kantahan. Hindi kumpleto ang isang party pag walang biritan. Walang pinipili ang pinoy pagdating sa musika, mapalokal man o foreign music patok sa kanila. Kahit magdamag na kantahan, walang urungan. Ang videoke ay nagsisilbing gamot na rin sa lungkot na dulot ng pangingibang bansa. Ang sabi nga ng iba, basta’t may pinoy party daw, talagang maingay, magulo, pero sobrang saya, kahit walang tulugan, ang mahalaga, may videoke at kumpleto ang barkada.

Yan ang pinoy, mahal ang musika. Ika nga, kumbaga sa pagkain, ito ang nangunguna sa puso ng masa. Nasa dugo na ng bawat Pilipino ang pagmamahal at hilig sa musika. May talento man o wala, mahilig talaga sa biritan. Kahit ang mga dayuhan ay hanga sa kakaibang hilig ng mga pinoy sa kantahan na hindi kayang pantayan ng kahit ninuman.

Ang Simula ng Karaoke At Videoke

Noong 1974, nakaimbento si James Del Rosario ng Sing-along system na may kasamang microphone at amplifier, kung saan ang music system ay may kakayahan na pagandahin ang boses ng kumakanta. Ito ay naging popular bilang minus one dahil sa kakayahan ng music system na alisin ang vocal channel ng isang kanta. Noong dekada 90, naging popular ang “sing-along”. Kahit saan ka man magpunta may mga singing contest saan mang sulok at kahit na sa tabi ng kalsada. Ang mga kainan at inuman din ay nagkaroon ng kanya-kanyang music system kung saan pwedeng kumanta ng libre, ang sa iba naman ay ginawang sideline kung saan sa halagang limang piso ang bawat musika pwede na mag videoke. Dahil halos karamihan noon ng mga turistang hapon na bumisita sa pilipinas ay mahilig kumanta, ang bansag ng mga hapones sa kantahan ay “karaoke” na naging dahilan na rin ng popularidad nito sa buong bansa. Hanggang sa lumaon, karaoke na ang naging opisyal na bansag ng mga pinoy dito. Ang videoke or Karaoke-TV (KTV) naman ay naimbento dahil na rin sa popularidad ng karaoke kung saan merong kasamang video ang bawat musika para lalong maaliw ang sambayanan.


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500 East 8th Street, National City, CA
Phone:(619) 477-8512

VILLA MANILA opens its doors to you. Experience the warmth of Filipino hospitality and the home-grown fine Filipino cuisine in National City.  The Filipino flavor is an exotic blending of the Chinese, Malay, Spanish and American tastes. Thus, it reveals their cultural heritage. The Filipino taste is never dull or bland. It can be sumptuously sweet, sour or spicy. The Villa Manila’s menu is a journey through the three major islands namely: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, where the best and the most common favorites promise to satisfy your palate.

Discover the unique Filipino custom when it comes to dining. It is in the Filipino culture to be in a close-knit family, where having an extended family is so typical. Therefore, most dishes are served ala carte, so when they eat, sharing a variety of dishes is customary.  At VILLA MANILA, they have also adjusted and adapted to the western appetite.  The restaurant delights you with a plateful of mouth-watering meals, snacks, drinks and desserts.  So, indulge and savor Filipino cuisine at its finest.

Restaurant Hours :

Tue -Thur: 11am – 9pm

Fri – Sat: 11am – 10pm

Sun: 11am – 8pm

Mon: Closed


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Trivia Time

1.  The Himalayan goji berry contains, weight for weight, more iron than steak, more beta carotene than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges.  Goji berries (pronounced “go-jee”) are acclaimed as one of the newer superfoods.  They share similar flavour characteristics with cranberries, raisins and cherries that pairs well with other foods. 

2. The blood of a lobster is blue due to the presence of haemocyanin which contains copper. Highly prized as seafood, lobsters are economically important, and are often one of the most profitable commodities in coastal areas they populate.

3. Which shape has the most number of sides? Well, the shape with the most number of sides has 10,000 sides – it is called “myriagon”. In addition, a chilagon has 1,000 sides and hectogon has 100 sides.

4. Until the nineteenth century, solid blocks of tea were used as money in Siberia! Tea bricks were in fact the preferred form of currency over metallic coins because the tea could not only be used as money and eaten as food in times of hunger but also brewed as allegedly beneficial medicine for treating coughs and colds.

5. On the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, at c9,000 feet (2,800 metres) the only animals around Kilimanjaro are moles, rats and birds of prey. At higher altitudes there is just the odd spider that can reach the summit and survive the freezing temperatures!


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